About Temagami Adventure Outfitters

Temagami is the reality that fuels the popular perception of Canada’s great Northland: Old growth pine forests Smooth blue waters Brilliantly white, powdery snow.

Bountiful fish and wildlife Temagami is steeped in history Some of the world’s oldest rock has surfaced here, and has been scraped and smoothed by centuries of glaciation Artifacts and stone drawings dating as far back 6000 B C have been discovered here.

Grey Owl, the mysterious naturalist who captured the world’s imagination back in the 1930s, has become a part of the Temagami landscape Over the centuries, people have been drawn to the area as if by a magnet Temagami is truly a place of mystical magic, an adventurer’s mecca Pronounced “Te-MAWG-a-mee” (the word is Ojibway for “deep water by the shore”).

This place has lifted the spirits and captured the imagination of generations of indigenous peoples and for traders and trappers and naturalists and painters and poets and photographers and film-makers and tourists If you have yet to Experience Temagami, you simply don’t know what you are missing Temagami has been a renowned centre for outdoor and wilderness recreation for over 100 years The early ‘tourism’ industry was built on a long history of occupation and use by native peoples, traders, trappers and prospectors.

The methods they developed to live and travel easily through the land formed the basis of recreational canoe tripping, and pioneering camps were established on the lake at the beginning of this century Cottages, fishing and hunting lodges and hotels followed over the next forty years During this period there were paddle boats and steamers built to carry over 100 passengers working out of Temagami The country was first logged in the 20’s and 30’s and there are plenty of interesting remains from this activity, including old camps and saw mills, log chutes and jackladders.

100′-0″ tall fire towers were erected and manned by forest rangers whose job was to spot smoke and fires in their infancy and direct the crews to control them The towers were built on the high hills, like the one on Caribou Mountain above Temagami The Town of Temagami was created into a Municipality, by order of the Temagami/West Nipissing Restructuring Commission on January 1st, 1998 This newly amalgamated Municipality expanded its former geographic boundaries to include a total land base of more than 2,400 square kilometers.

Lake Temagami There is approximately 1,259 numbered islands on Lake Temagami The numbers of cottages on Lake Temagami are estimated between 630 and 746 with some islands having more than one cottage There is well over 900 seasonal residents within the Municipality The lake holds approximately 9 youth camps, and 12 commercial lodges.