Camp Grounds

Camp Wabikon Temagami

Residential coed camp Temagami vacation Ontario. In the Temagami community and Canadian Camping, Wabikon has been respected as one of Ontario’s leading summer opportunities for youth since 1944. Every summer 6-17 year old campers from around the world travel to Temagami to enjoy their summer vacation in this unique part of Ontario. Accredited by both the national and provincial camping associations, Wabikon families are assured of their children’s security and comfort in a professional, caring, and well-managed environment. Full general program of water and land activities (including mountain biking), extended canoe tripping option (8/15/30 days) offers senior campers unrivalled experience. (416) 483-3172

Camp Wabun Temagami

Vacation in the Temagami Region, approximately 300 miles north of Toronto, Ontario, is world famous for its interconnecting series of lakes and rivers; it is ideal canoe-trip country. At the heart of this region is Lake Temagami, shaped like a five-pointed star and nearly 50 miles from one extreme to another. Wabun is located at the center of this lake, where the five arms meet. Garden Island is the home of our base camp. It is one of more than 1,500 islands within the boundaries of Lake Temagami. No development of mainland shoreline is allowed beyond the village of Temagami, over twenty miles by water from Wabun. Canadian Wilderness Canoe Trips for Boys and Girls.

Keewaydin Camp Lake Temagami

Keewaydin is located on Lake Temagami in Ontario, Canada, 300 miles north of Toronto. Campers travel by supervised charter bus from Toronto airport to Boatline Bay, a marina on the lake, and by charter boat to base camp. The air trip is easily made in a day from anywhere in the mainland United States. Lake Temagami is surrounded by a network of rivers, streams, smaller lakes and islands in the unspoiled primeval wilderness of the huge Temagami Reserve maintained by the Canadian government. Make Temagami your next vacation destination