Heating in Cabins and Lodges

Most of the cabins in this area have wood stoves or a fireplace. Firewood is available on request and can be picked up when  you register.

Depending on the time of year you camp and the relevant humidity, you will be required to follow seasonal fire regulations regarding open fires. As long as regulations allow open pit fires at the time, you will be able to cook on an open fire in the designated fire pits.

Heating in certain cabins are maintained by a local plumbing company who we designate on a year by year contract. Hot water is provided in cabins that advertise full facilities, so in rentals with cooking facilities and running water, there are full service bathrooms for your convenience. Please inquire about the availability of central heating in the cabin you want to rent.

Camp Grounds

Most camp grounds have open pits for cooking and evening fires. All fires must be contained in the pits provided. Non-compliance will be grounds for removal, banned from camping and possible fines. Take care to understand the rules regarding open fires while camping.

Some camp grounds have shower, laundry and bathroom facilities. Some are included with registration and some are pay-per-use. Paid facilities are coin operated, so it is advisable to bring a roll or quarters or loonies to use those facilities.  Hot water on demand is provided in a small number of these camp grounds.